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Extension wants to change password instead of filling in the existing password

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This is an example, I believe I've run into it once or twice before if I'm not mistaken.

I have an URL https://vrv.co/ If I click the "Existing user, sign in", a login screen shows but if I try to fill it out, enpass opens the "change password" -dialog. There's no way to fill it out with the extension. I've tried three different browsers so it's not browser specific. This does work with 1password, i still have that old tool hanging =)

In case you're not in the US, I think this site is US-only.. The code when I check the password field is:

<input class="password-input" type="password" name="password" autocomplete="current-password">

Is it because it says "current-password" maybe? Anyway, it doesn't work on that site.


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