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Do not store data in the Windows clipboard history and the cloud clipboard

Binh Truong

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Currently I am using Windows 10 v1809 and Windows has feature to save clipboard and sync via cloud. It is nice feature for Windows User but with Enpass User is not security because it will save password when user copy.

I hope that Enpass should add option in setting to enable/disable store data in Win clipboard and sync cloud as latest version (2.4.1) of Keepass.




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Totally agree. That would be a manadatory feature, as using passwords within controlled PC are totally ok, but seeing them is not.

Please check Chrome as reference. Logging in (or save new log-in IDs) should be smooth on web without the need of master rpassword, but viewing/showing the passwords should requrie master passwords.

Also from marketing aspect, as one of the best password manager, enpass should be able to have compatibility (to be user-friendly) which makes the attraction much higher.


Thank you very much for your great work, let's replace others !

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