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Cloud synchronization with synology is a disaster


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To the developers,

if you create new data on the client ( PC or Smartphone ). actually the synchronization (after you have configured it) runs in the background independently in the interval.
Unfortunately, no data is transferred although the connection to the NAS exists and the synchronization does not show any errors.

Even if you select the Tresor explicitly and press the button " synchronize " manually, it looks like the process is running but after you synchronize the data set on the second device in the Tresor, there are no new data sets !!

Only if you disconnect the WebDAV connection on the client that created the new record and then re-establish it, data will be synchronized to the NAS and the second device will receive the new data.

Slowly it annoys extremely that the WebDAV synchronization works so badly!

Since I have bought the version, this is particularly bad for me!

Finally get the WebDAV synchronization under control!

So slowly it becomes ridiculous!




After the NAS has created a backup of the system in parallel, the synchronization of ENPASS ran normally in the background.
The backup of the system has now been finished for 10 minutes and the synchronization of the Enpass by new entries on the PC will also be synchronized sensibly.
I observe this again 2 days.
I then announce myself with an update

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Hey @th3Chris,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

Please share some more info so that we can help you better.

  • On which all devices (along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on each device?

If possible, please share the demo account of your WebDAV via PM so that we can investigate where the problem could be.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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