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I use both the desktop app and the universal app for mobile/tablet.

I have noticed that I have two folders in my Onedrive. One under Files / Enpass and one under Files / Documents / Enpass

Are both of these necessary? I don't like to have application data folders mixed in with my normal files if I can help it.

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The folder under Users / Documents is the local database for offline access.

The OneDrive folder is the one that you have choosen to have synchronized locally as you have choosen to synchronize Enpass with OneDrive cloud storage.

With W10, you can choose which folder to synchronize and have offline so you can just uncheck the Enpass folder in OneDrive.

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I also had both folders.

The "Files/Enpass" folder is the sync folder. This folder is used if you sync your data with other devices, like your phone, tablet or other PCs.

The "Files/Documents/Enpass" is (as @JB Labelle said) the local database. The default location for your "Documents" windows library is your OneDrive's Documents folder. You should change (in Enpass advanced settings) to use you local "My Documents\Enpass" folder.

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