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How to merge two Primary Vaults on Gdrive?

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I believe my sync problem on Gdrive is due to two Primary vaults with different names stored on my Gdrive

File A for Windows system & File B for Linux drive.

I like to merge them into one account so any changes on one computer - automatically will synchronize on another computer.


Any suggestion, please.?

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9 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

Hey @MLevi,

Thanks for writing in.

If you want to merge two different Enpass 6 data, please enable sync with the same cloud account on both devices.

Hope this helps!


thanks for the support. it worked. In regards my earlier problem with syn with Gdrive. I should have installed the enpass on the "User" account - instead the "Admin" one which I did. ( I always create a "User" account" where I do all my activities)

The very reason the sync worked on one account and not the other.

Best to install enpass with the working (user) account instead of Admin (root)


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