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Copying both password and username


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I am migrating from my previous passwordmanager to enpass. I am very pleased with the program and the easy sync between Windows and IOS using Dropbox.

My old passwordmanager, Windows only, had however a good feature. You can select to copy both password and username to the clipboard.
The first paste on the login site is the password and the next paste is the username.

I would really like an extra option "Copy username and pasword" when I right click an item.

I hope I have made myself clear.

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I fail to see why my idea should lessen the security.

If you right click on a login item in Enpass (the windows version from the Windows store) then you get these options:

Delete, Copy Username, Copy Password, Open Link

I suggested this extra option: Copy Username and Password. How does that lessen security?

This option would be a real treat: Open Link and Copy both Username and Password.

That would work with the user's default browser, whatever it is.


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