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Move column to the right


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Can anybody tell me why i can not move the columns to the right ?

I want to enlarge the space in the column  "items" and the column  "titles" .

There is a icon visible when i place y mouse on the borderline......but i will not move?

Is this a hidden option or something else?

Are there Enpass users how can move and create more ore less space in the fields?


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Those two columns are way too small!  They should be expanded to the right, where there is plenty of room.   I like Enpass a lot, and I would gladly pay/donate plenty for it, but I couldn't consider using it with those columns so small.

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As you can see my post  is already old,....but i also send an email to support fot this subjec.

These lines are ridiculous when they can not be moverd!

I have a paid version with errors and nothings ware i can see that i am using an payed version, but also ....now answer from support.

Questions about wifi sync, witch the promised al long time ago....now answer from support.

I am loosing my feeling about this program!



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You're sure right, Bout.  Nobody is listening to us or cares what we say.  I had a good feeling about Enpass for a long time, and I have been waiting until it is truly usable before I take it seriously and actually begin to use it.  It seems as if a remedy for the skinny columns, which are unusable, may be a long time coming.

Good luck with your other problems, too!

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