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PIN only password fills not working


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I'm using an iPad at home that is not protected by Face ID or anything else. I would like to use master password with PIN, but if I use those settings, every time I try to fill in passwords it presents me the Enpass unlock screen with no available or displayed input fields. I would expect a PIN or master password input field, but the upcoming overlay is just a blue bar with a white bar, see attached screenshot.

Datei_001 (1).png

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Hi @jvEbCge3ck5U6WxnPa,

I'm really sorry about the trouble you are going through.

To investigate further on this issue I want little input from your side so please let me know the following:

  • Which iOS version and model are you using?
  • Which Enpass version are you using?
  • Are you facing this problem frequently or any specific condition? Please explain a little bit more.
  • Are you facing this problem when you try to autofill in a particular browser or app or all of them?

If possible please share the screenshot of the Enpass security page.



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Hi, no worries, here are the details:

iOS 12.3.1
iPad Pro 11" MTXN2FD/A

Version 6.1.0 (348)

It happens when I try to autofill. I press "passwords" on the autcomplete bar of the software keyboard, Enpass opens up and presents the screenshot above. It works with face unlock and if pin is not activated. As soon as I activate and confirm the pin the Enpass autocomplete is blocked. Security settings attached.


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i have a similar failure with the pin functionality. enpass says the pin is wrong when i enter it in another app to get my login for that app. if i go back to the enpassapp and unlock with pin it works just fine. 


enpass 6.1.0

ios 12.3.1

iphone 6 MG472ZD/A

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