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Switching from Windows 7 to Linux - Will Enpass backup file restore to Enpass in Linux?


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I am researching switching from Windows 7 Home Premium OS to a Linux OS.  

I plan to copy my user desktop files and folders to an external drive.   Then move everything into the Linux OS.

If I install Enpass in Linux and then restore an Enpass backup file from the Win7 system, will it import all my Enpass data into the Linux Enpass program?

Would using an export file to CSV work as well or better?

Linux OS I am thinking of trying are:  Linux Mint-Cinnamon / Zorin core or ultimate / Manajro XFCE / Ubuntu

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As long as you have same version on both, i.e. v.6, then copying over the .walletx (v.5) or .enpassbackup (v.6) should be what you need.  Of course if you are syncing to a cloud service theoretically you should be able to restore straight from there.

As for your OS the officially tested versions of Linux are CentOS 7, Fedora 27 and Ubuntu 14.04 or later (64-bit only) as detailed:


I am running Xubuntu with no issues.

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