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Pro license disappeared


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I've been using Enpass since it's happy windows phone days and loved it,

When I've switched to an android I went ahead and bought the pro license (10$ if I recall correctly) and been using it for a long while,

Lately I've switched jobs  (I think it is related) and due to that my old work (g-app) account was deleted and I manually removed it from my phone, a day later (or on the same day?) my Enpass reverted back to be on the free license (up to 20 passwords etc etc),

I can't find any "contact us" link or anything to add further information and that is why I'm posting here, 

Is there anything that can be done? as I do not have any access to the company account and I had no way of knowing (or thinking of checking) if the purchase was part of that or my actual personal account I've put on my phone


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