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Import from 1Password doesn't work (1PIF) or mixes up data (cvs)


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I try to import my passwords from 1Password V7.3.684 (latest) under Windows 10 without success.
1) the option export as .1pif does not exist
2) If I export as .csv file and try to import it I get the message "nothing to import". Nothing more, no error, nothing imported.

Enpass V6.1.1 from Microsoft Store

Any suggestions?

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I am a new user of enpass and was trying to import my existing data from 1Password. When I choose the recommendet way of creating a .1PIF file then the import wizard is simply not showing it in the folder were it is definetly located. I have already moved the file to c:\tmp\backup.1PIF to ensure that there is no issue with the lenght of the path etc. didn't help.

If I try to import the data with the cvs export than the files (including the 1PIF) are shown in the browse dialog. However after the successfull import the "titel" is shown as a additional attribute and the actual titel of each item is empty.

Any suggestions on how to get the data transfered into my new environment?



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Hi @nordpol

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

Please follow the steps mentioned below and revert if still you faces issues in Import/Export.

Using .csv format

Step 1: Export data from 1Password

Before importing your data from 1Password to Enpass, first you need to export your 1Password data in the .csv unencrypted file format. Usually you need the desktop version for respective software to export your data in unencrypted format.

Follow these steps to export the data-

  • Open 1Password App.
  • If you’re having data saved in multiple vaults, please select any one vault as 1Password allows to export the data of one vault at a time. Otherwise, you’re good to go.
  • Click on File → Export → All items.
  • Select .csv file format.
  • Select all fields and click the check-mark, include column labels.


  • Choose a name for the .csv file and save it to your desktop.


The data exported to unencrypted file is highly insecure and vulnerable. We recommend that you delete the corresponding .csv file as soon as the importing process is finished.

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the export itself is not a problem. I have also checked the content of the file and it is fine. I am also able to import the cvs file. However, the title of all imported items is empty altough a dedicated attribute seems to get created (labled title) which contains the correct titels. I would want the titel to be imported into the native title field so it also shows up in the listing.

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The upgrade to Safari 13 basically broke 1Password 6.8.9 for me so I wanted to try this. When I attempt to import the folder with the Pif export if it says there is nothing there when there are roughly 1500 items. CSV works but it is all a garbled mess with everything thrown into a single category. Is this simply because I am running the demo or is it a mess like this even following purchase? I will need this to run seamlessly on Mac, Windows and Android.

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I tried 1Password 7 last night and it's pretty slick, but I don't think it has any practical advantages over 1Password 6 despite the higher costs. I am hoping Enpass can import this data properly or I'll probably end up reluctantly switching to Firefox as my primary browser and sticking with 1Password 6 for a while yet. I like Brave, but Enpass doesn't seem to fully work with it.

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I had similar issues and I contact to the support team and they suggested this workaround.

Step 1:

  • Download the previous version of Enpass5 from this link.
  • Export the 1password data and import into Enpass 5.

Step 2: (After successfully completing the above steps perform these steps).

  • Take the backup of Enpass 5 data and save it manually on the device.
  • Open Enpass 6 --> Take the backup of Enpass data and save it manually on the device.
  • Open Enpass 6 -->Settings --> Advanced --> Apply Erase Everything function.
  • Now open Enpass 6 and restore Enpass 5 backup file.

Hope this helps!

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@Samuela Thank you, I had the same answer from them and tried it, however this is only partly successful. It doesn't place imported items in the correct categories, nor does it carry over any related attachments, so in my case there would be something like 500 attachments that are missing. A good number of those will be important, so at the moment there is no effective means of importing large numbers of items. I've used 1Password for everything over the last ten years, both private and business, so there is an awful lot of information. If Enpass can find a way to effectively import the Pif files it would change everything. At this point I don't really want to use 1Password at all, but the information is just too important to mess with.



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I am switching from 1Password to Enpass and I exported all my passwords to a .1pif file. 1Password contains 793 passwords but when I want to import it in Enpass it only contains 575. I checked it and indeed a lot of passwords are missing. I use the paid version of Enpass on both my Mac and iPhone.

Any ideas?



Rob de Wit / The Netherlands

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