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Buying premium version via Win10 Store always sets the country to the UK


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I am trying to purchase the premium version (win 10 store) of enpass. I am running my PC (and all software in general) in english. This typically works fine. However, after adding my payment details, the form for the address is prefilled with the country UK (which is wrong). I have already checked my windows profile. This seems to be fine and recocnizes that my prefered language is english but my country of residence is Germany... So there must be something wrong with the windows store linked to the installed enpass version on my PC. (I also only get the price shown in GBP)

Kind regards,


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Hi @nordpol,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

Please make sure you have selected the correct country in your Windows settings. The purchase dialog pickup the country from the system settings. You can change it via:
  • Go to Windows Settings --> Time & Language --> Region & Language --> change it.
Hope this helps!
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