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    It would be nice to be able to create, change, edit the Types / Category Templates in Enpass. Currently I use mSecure, but am looking to make a switch. I really like that mSecure is more like a custom secure database builder than just a secure password saver, and I think Enpass has the potential to be better than mSecure, but being able to edit the Types / Category Templates is one thing Enpass desperately needs. I know you can add fields to each item when you create them, but I'd really like to set custom templates for items to use and get rid of the ones I don't want. Currently I have over 2000 items in mSecure, most of which use custom item templates. I would like to use Enpass to do the same. Unfortunately mSecure has become over-priced when using multiple platforms, and currently utilizes over 90% CPU usage in macOS 10.12 Sierra when sitting idle. I think it might also be lacking in support.
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    Hi @Jay, Thanks for detailed information you provided. This is the first time we are getting this type of complaint. It seems related to webforms save by a older version of 1Password. While we are looking into reproducing and fixing the same, you can use 1Password import from CSV. It will not contain any form fields and will require less manual work afterwards in your case. Cheers,
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    This is an urgently needed feature! The categories / templates needs to be flexible... One year ago it was said, that this feature is comming... when, please?
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    +1 Came here to request user-specified Categories. I signed up to participate in the betas, hopefully you can provide a questimate.
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