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    Thanks @zyghom - I came here looking to raise a Feature Request. Your post pointed me to the option I hadn't found!!
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    I found out that if a windows device is encrypted, 3rd party win apps cannot help to unlock the windows. As my notebook was encrypted already, I think my preceding concern does not exist.
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    I had the same issue. The only solution I've found was to stop synchronisation from the most current device (just to be sure) and have it delete all data stored by Enpass from my onedrive account (It should ask wether you want to do that.). After that, I've setup sync again and suddenly all my devices were able to sync. Note: I've backed up (export as .json) my local passwords as a precaution before doing the above steps. The .json file is not encrypted, store it in a secure location or delete it after fixing the sync issue.
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    Thats due to WIndows and Linux handling system time in a different way. Windows sets it to local time while Linux uses UTC (and calculates your local time based on location settings). You can fix this either in Windows or Linux. The following link contains two options, choose one and it should settle the issue. How to Fix Windows and Linux Showing Different Times When Dual Booting
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