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    Can there be a feature request roadmap built into Enpass? Then users could vote on the features they want most in the program. Maybe users get 10 extra votes per month in addition to 1 standard vote per feature request, so they could weight which feature they need or want. Even if it's just an iframe to a webpage that shows the feature requests that have been: fulfilled queued up to release next backlogged underdefined rejected or cancelled for various reasons
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    It would be really nice if the tags in every item would be clickable to get quicker access to the other items that are tagged with exactly this tag.
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    Oh there is even nothing new on the screen with the update. You just made the classic theme as default. Never mind. After two year a remindes seems to be worth while anyway.
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    This comment is more about this forum than the Enpass product itself. However, improving feature requests would impact the feature request roadmap in Enpass at some point. Anyways, it's relatively challenging to determine if there's a duplicate feature request with 38 pages of feature requests to sift through. It''d be nice if there were filters in the forum's search to narrow down which features have been implemented already in this forum, any categories of feature requests (other than random tags people come up with), etc.
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    Folders have been replaced by tags. Existing folders should of been converted on upgrade.
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