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    When I create a password with symbols on it I found issues with websites (many) that only accept certain symbols. It is quite annoying to have to replace the symbols manually. In theory I could write in Enpass the Symbols to exclude but generally I do not know which are they. Website usually give you the opposite information, the allowed symbols. Therefore I would like to see an input field for the allowed symbols.
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    Hello @Wenuy, Thanks for using Enpass. We appreciate your effort in providing us inputs for improvement in our product. We've forwarded your suggestions to our dev team. Thanks!
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    Just an update to the original post. If anyone is having a hard time getting the other devices to accept the Pro version try to make sure the capitalization is correct on the email. Turns out that the reason my other devices weren't going pro was the first letter on my email was Capitalized when it wasn't supposed to. Now all my devices are accepting the Pro model. Even tested it by changing the email from the first letter being lowercase to Capitalizing it again and it reverted to lite. Once i changed it again it again to lower-casing the first letter it went back to pro. Support was helpful in mentioning this to me and just wanted to pass this along to others that may be having the same problem Thanks guy, RS
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    First off, love Enpass, thank you. Secondly, I'd also like this feature. I've found that the Enpass feature to restrict specific special characters in passwords has been at times beneficial. However, it has been my experience that more websites will tell me a specific list of allowed special characters for passwords. This becomes an exercise of trying to enter the inverse list (all the "not allowed" characters) into Enpass for those websites. Then afterwards, having to remember to remove that list for the next time I create an account. It would be be very helpful if, in addition to the "Exclude Symbols" text box for generating passwords there was a second "Use Only These Symbols" text box. Although it isn't anything where the product is technically not capable, it does create an emotional "uggg, not again" feeling that centers on the product as much as the website.
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    There is another topic asking for SSH Agent support. Unfortunately, the topic has been already closed without further information whether this will be implemented or not. I would really love to have SSH Agent support in Enpass. My expected behavior of this implementation would be Enpass asking me to unlock the Vault once an SSH Agent request is made (just like auto fill in the browser extension) and then accepting the SSH Agent connection. Is this on the list to be implemented?
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    On 64-bit Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" (Cinnamon), I followed the Enpass instructions for adding an apt source and installing Enpass (this installed version After experiencing same/similar problems as the topic starter, I did this at a terminal (Bash shell) to downgrade to an older version (, specifically)*: Quit/kill Enpass: $ pkill -i enpass Remove Enpass: $ sudo apt-get purge enpass Search for available Enpass packages: $ apt-cache madison enpass Install specific version of Enpass: $ sudo apt-get install enpass= To avoid upgrading Enpass during an apt-get update/upgrade: $ sudo apt-mark hold enpass If/when you no longer need to keep a specific version: $ sudo apt-mark unhold enpass *Worked for me; YMMV.
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    Hi @thoronodor, Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Skipping this thread was just anoversight. Sorry for that. I would like to share that since Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with Enpass 6 and not with previous versions. To test the sync functionality, you will need to install Enpass 6 on the other device as well. It seems in the above post that you are running the previous version of Enpass on some devices so please update the Enpass app and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks!
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    I did a mass upgrade of all the apps on my phone and now I can only access 25 of my passwords. With the change to the subscription model, do I have to pay all over again to have access to the passwords I have had access to for the past 3 years? I feel I should be given the option to copy down the passwords I've had stored and had access to; it feel like the company is holding my personal information hostage after I already paid for pro once. Why aren't current pro members grandfathered into the system and given a month or so to make the decision whether or not to continue? I feel betrayed by this company right now. I need my passwords for work. What do I do?
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