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  1. @Manish Chokwal How do we create a keyfile? Can we generate it for already in-use database? Or do we have to create new database for keyfile to be generated?
  2. @Abhishek Dewan I have resolved this issue and out the reason which i am going to explain for any other client who faces this issue.When we update MacOS after updating and restart it creates 2 applications folders 1 is to keep old apps installed and change application default folder to other new one so when apps gets loaded from old applications folder which macos is considering a backup or old folder and is not default in path Enpass start giving error 403. solution to this is move or remove apps from old applications folder and move them or install apps in new applications folder. This will resolve this issue which i was having and there is no one on internet i can find about this issue which means it was resolved by myself after banging my head for hours.
  3. As far as i know enpass is perfect just without few bugs (if there are any) which enpass team fix but there is a feature which i miss in enpass. Which is PGP Features like few other password managers have. I think adding pgp to enpass will complete it's needs as one stop shop for most required security features. People like me use pgp daily and many people are getting aware of encryption using pgp so i think it is a great feature to have in a great password manager.
  4. I think SSH and PGP both must be implemented in enpass.
  5. Last day i received update on my mac 12.2 and after installing update my chrome extension stopped working even though it is working on safari. I had this issue before on windows so i thought like windows reinstalling it will resolve the issue but it did not. then i removed enpass and restarted my mac and then installed everything again but nothing changed. Anyone else have this issue and anyone know how to resolve it?
  6. I was snooping around and tried to find option to save form filling information. I thought Identity option is for that maybe but after trying everything it seems enpass does not have form filling options in it. We can ignore cloud storage, We can ignore Bookmarks but Form filling? Is this only me or does enpass really do not have that option? If there is then please guide me HOWTO. Even i have tried using my saved credit card to fill on a payment page but it also did not worked. Please help me Here Enpass Team. I just miss Roboform Coming from roboform to Enpass was hard but lack of features is another hurdle. I just wish you guys can help me with this.
  7. I hope this issue is resolved and new update is pushed as i am waiting to move to enpass.
  8. What if my computer and mobile gets reset same time and my cloud password is saved in Enpass. How am i suppose to access my cloud backup? When i think of that situation it scares me badly. Enpass Individual subscription is just fee for the software but there is no ease of mind. I have premium subscription which cost everyone 21.49 Euro yearly which does not have any cloud storage so if we are paying just for an offline password manager with so called security then why don't we just use keepass? it also comes with several plugins to sync with cloud. what makes enpass so special? I am roboform user since last 12 years but now i wanted to move to any other better option but after reviewing all features and situations i have decided to stick with Roboform. Today i installed Enpass on my mobile device and after loading application it gave me option to restore my existing data. It asked me to login to my cloud which login is saved in enpass and my mobile does not have that login saved. i had to access my computer and grab main password for cloud from there then login to mobile and then i was able to login. Really? come on i don't think this password manager worth paying 21.49 Euro for very slow support and no cloud storage. Why you are charging people 21.49 Euro for? I think instead of securing our passwords you are making them too much easy to lose in case of damage to both devices and once you lost your cloud storage access and you don't have password for that then this so called secure password manager is no more use. I think if i will have to go through all this struggle then i would probably use KeePass for free which also has same options or even maybe more. Now i know why people use other password manager which have built-in cloud storage with good encrypion and never been hacked and which costs less then half price of this password manager and not using enpass. i am not going to mention other password manager here but trust paying 21.49 euro for enpass is my worst decision i made 10 days ago.
  9. @Pratyush Sharma Roboform Version Enpass Version 6.6.0 (775) OS: Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 20H2 OS Build: 19042.804 Due to security concerns i am not able to share those websites publicly so i have sent you message in inbox for samle website URL which have more then 2 login fields.
  10. I have been using roboform since last 12 years and i have over 2k+ passwords. I successfully imported my passwords from roboform to Enpass but when i imported my roboform notes to Enpass i got a problem. All notes were imported successfully but enpass did not import all data of notes. Many of them had titles only but no data in notes. I tried exporting and importing CSV also but issue remained. Now i have doubts about logins also and i will have to manually go through all logins to make sure it has imported all if my logins. Second issue i had was. I have websites which have multiple fields more then just Login or password. some have 3 fields some have 4 fields and i never had any issue filling them with roboform but with Enpass even that field is available in Enpass in custom fields Enpass did not filled those fields and i had to manually copy paste that field from Enpass. Is there anyone who can help me importing my exported notes from Roboform to Enpass? I have Enpass lifetime premium but now if these issues do not get resolved i will have to move back to roboform sadly. Just found another issue after posting here i tried to manually copy paste my notes into enpass while i was working on that i tried to paste a note from roboform to enpass which has over 500 lines of bitcoin paper wallets but when i pasted it into enpass it stored 100 lines of those and rest of 400 lines were not copied. I have premium subscription and i am using my own onedrive then why there is limit on this? is there any setting we can remove this limit?
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