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  1. Same Problem  here.

    Since the latest update from Enpass 5 to Enpass 6 Beta on my Linux System and my Android Phone the synchronization with my Nextcloud Server doesn't work anymore. I can connect to my account, but it won't sync the data.

    The error code on my Phone is 915993

    The error code on PC is 907016


    The previous separate Beta (can't remember the version no.) from the Beta Channel worked fine on all my Devices.

    It's definitely the latest Beta causing me problems.

  2. 7 hours ago, Akash Vyas said:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your patience. We've just released a new beta update fixing these issue.


    Thank you so much for the fix! After nearly 9 months after reporting it it finally works as advertised.

    No need to use extra apps to sync my Enpass vault with my Android device.

    Please extend my sincere gratitude to entire team of Enpass.

    I can finally recommend this app to my colleagues again.

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  3. On 30.10.2017 at 6:30 PM, lulumatz said:

    ..I even provided a test account to support their troubleshooting without any success....

    I've send them a test account in March too and it took them two months to tell me to enable Basic authentication  which didn't change anything. Any other app can connect or sync to my OwnCloud drive without issues just Enpass Android makes problems and a fix doesn't to be coming anytime soon. Very disappointing.

  4. I just installed a similar feature rich password manager app called SafeInCloud to try its WebDAV capability and to my surprise SafeInCloud could immediately connect and synchronized through WebDAV.

    Everybody can try it out for themselves. To me it's now clear it's 100% Enpass for Android which isn't functioning correctly. I suggest the developers should take a look at SafeInCloud and figure out how they make it happen.

    After all it is clear now that it is possible on Android.

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  5. Hello, I was trying to sync Enpass with my ownCloud through the Android app, but always end up with an error message: "Could not connect to specified WebDAV folder."

    Syncing to ownCloud through Windows or Linux works without issues, just Android won't snyc.


    ownCloud 9.1.1

    Android 7.1.1 Enpass 5.5.0

    Windows 10 Enpass 5.5.1

    Linux Mint 18.1 Enpass 5.5.0

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