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  1. I'm also very interested in that. Is there any information ? Until this feature is available, the mobile app is totally useless for me.
  2. Hi enpass team, The behaviour on fortuneo bank website is a bit strange... Autofill does not work on the main page : https://mabanque.fortuneo.fr/fr/identification.jsp But it works on this page : https://mabanque.fortuneo.fr/paiement-securise/#/login The same logins are used on both. Can you take a look? It is a french online bank quite popular in France. Best regards
  3. Hello everyone, I had the same issues as you and found a nice solution. It involves no addon and no 3rd party. It's a python script which simply decrypts the passwords in your firefox profile (you have to input the master password if you use one). On linux (probably the same on mac, don't know on windows), just type python firefox_decrypt.py -t and it will dispaly in the terminal window all your passwords. Select all the lines and copy them in a txt file. You just need to tweak it a little : delete the comma at the end of each line and single quotes around logins and passwords (a simple search and replace is fine). And you're ready to import all your passwords in enpass. I did it with 563 lines and it worked like a charm. Would be great if it could be added as a native feature. Have a great day ! Flore
  4. Hello, I am experiencing a similar issue with Nextcloud 11.0.2 on a personal server and enpass 5.4.1. It says "connecting" for hours and never does anything. I can create a demo account on the server, just confirm which address email it should be sent to. Thanks for your help
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