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  1. The sync on my iPad is broken. I noticed it doesn't sync my data with my Windows and Android devices anymore. I sync over Onedrive and I can see that Enpass on my iPad creates a new folder "Enpass 1" in my Onedrive. Windows and Android sync to "Enpass". I don't get error messages in the app since the sync doesn't fail. I just syncs to a separate folder instead of using the same as the other apps.

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  2. 40 minutes ago, Ottomatic said:

    Buy Now.....Pay Forever.

    $54 annual subscription???? Are you joking? That costs over twice as much as my VPN.  Your software code has become static with little or no new features.
    How can you justify a 350% price increase in the absence of innovation and improvements?  You were damn lucky to get $12.  Best of luck.

    Someone teach this guy text comprehension skills. 

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  3. Since the first beta, I have the problem that Enpass6 does not import the passwords for most elements when importing from an old Enpass5 backup. This is a very severe bug because it's not immediately obvious. Some passwords cannot be easily reset so this is catastrophic.

  4. Thank you for finally releasing Enpass6.
    I found a couple of issues:

    • dark mode needs a complete restart of the app. You should tell the users.
    • Enpass6 intercepts the Alt Gr + 2 keyboard "shortcut" to open the app. However, this combination is used to type the @-sign on Swiss keyboards. Therefore it's no longer possible to type any email address.
    • The Windows Hello prompt hides behind the Enpass6 main window
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