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  1. I'm currently using the 6.10 (1069) beta, but I would like to return to using the current version. Trying to reinstall over the beta returns an error. Do I have to uninstall Enpass completely to leave the beta?
  2. I am no longer able to delete item section headings or I can't find the way to delete them any longer.
  3. Sections headings are no longer able to be deleted in items. This was possible previously. I am using build 701
  4. Same with me .. I purchased in 2014 on iOS. I registered, but it didn't give me the Pro version. I did use a different email to register with Enpass than my Apple ID.
  5. Why bother with a beta program if Sinew releases new versions without first seeding the beta? For example, there was no 6.3.0 beta (a version with big changes). And if I recall, there was another version released without first going through the beta.
  6. I paid for the iOS app in 2014. I assume that I will have to purchase EnPass again to qualify for Pro?
  7. I just installed Catalina beta 9 and it does solve the issue. Hooray.
  8. I understand that the issue is with qt, but I also feel that Enpass seems to be throwing their hand up and declaring `not our problem`. This is a pretty serious bug for desktop users. I feel like Enpass should do more to address it or at least try to reassure users.
  9. I'm using the latest Catalina beta, and Enpass's performance is very poor. It takes almost a minute for the app to load then keystrokes takes 30+ seconds to appear so trying to enter the master password or searching for credentials is close to impossible. Button clicks also take many seconds to register. Is there a beta or upgrade in the works to fix these issues?
  10. RHPT

    Disable Menubar Icon

    Not sure how I missed that ....
  11. RHPT

    Disable Menubar Icon

    Is there a way to disable the Menubar icon whenever Enpass opens?
  12. I followed the steps in the FAQ, but iCloud still times out. Is iCloud/Enpass looking for a cookie on the browser?
  13. RHPT

    Latest Beta?

    Does anyone know the latest beta version?
  14. RHPT

    Latest Beta?

    Hi. It's for the Mac. Thanks.
  15. RHPT

    Latest Beta?

    What version is the latest beta? There hasn't been a new release in a while and I see that version 6.0.7 has been released for the web version.
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