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  1. RHPT

    Latest Beta?

    Hi. It's for the Mac. Thanks.
  2. RHPT

    Latest Beta?

    What version is the latest beta? There hasn't been a new release in a while and I see that version 6.0.7 has been released for the web version.
  3. It looks like you will have to run the command after each reboot.
  4. This version always tells me that iCloud Sync expired everytime I open the app. Very annoying as I have to login and re-authenticate everytime.
  5. Are there any differences between the App Store and non-App Store versions of Enpass besides the in-app purchasing? I also notice the non-App Store version is a different version number than the App Store.
  6. Another issue ... Changing the "Always Save Items to Vault" to a vault other than Primary does not stick. Closing the preferences and opening it again has the Primary selected.
  7. After the initial iCloud sync, if I exit the app and open it again I get the error
  8. Are we going to get a new beta soon? Enpass 6 hangs on Mojave 10.14.2 Beta.
  9. EnPass Beta 6.0.0 (49) (and version 5.6.0) is crashing on iOS 12.1 on the iPhone XS Max.
  10. RHPT


    I have issues when trying to scroll using the scroll wheel the records in Enpass (second column). I am using a Logitech MX Master 2S and a Mac running High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65) and Enpass Beta 6.0.0 (187)
  11. RHPT


    Just a few suggestions from little old me ... Make the Menubar icon optional Ability to sort custom categories alphabetically along with the built-in categories Ability to preview attachments in the app Scrolling with a scroll wheel doesn't work Also how will we know when a new beta is posted?
  12. I know that it's on the roadmap, but approximately how long until we will see the ability to crate our own categories?
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