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  1. Any news about iCloud sync? Still loosing login and need to re authenticate Enpass sync very often.
  2. Thank's. It's working.
  3. X-Ray

    No more touchID?

    I use Enpass a long time now on iOS and macOs. Was using theit website version and had also a Pro licence. After Beta testing, i found myself with the new 6.0.0(289) not able to use touchId or custom categories or models. Info: Now pro feature "only available in the store version", with a button "download from Windows Store".... Re loaded the store version, got premium. Restore of iCloud Vault. Second Vault, not iCloud but local, never restored, not findable. Lost in transition. Features like dark mode ? Not available in personalization menu. FavIcon support? No trace found in parameters. Nothing happening. All in all: Frustrating and useless update with a customer policy not even worth the name. A shame, but it was my last effort in Enpass. I don't like abo models, but i prefer even to pay regular abonnements over this kind of deception. Good luck to everybody, and bye bye to enpass.
  4. Just saw the reponse that the newest beta will sync to another place on icloud: So which data is been used by my IOS Version? And where does the ios Version sync to?
  5. Same issue here: Latest Beta on IOS installed and worked flawless. Beta 250 on MacOs 10.14.2: No information for Sync found for this icloud account???? So what to do? For the moment i stay with the old 220 on MacOs. BTW: Is the new Beta Assistant for Safari working with Safari 122? It is not mentioned in the description.
  6. Same probleme here. Using the WebSite Version and export from 1PW 6.8Beta. On latest 10.12 (MacPro) and 10.13Beta (MBAir)
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