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  1. I don't know if it occurs during lock / unlock. I know I've had the issue with only a secondary vault selected. Yes, both vaults sync via WebDAV to Nextcloud. Thank you for looking into it. Let me know if I can provide any more info.
  2. @Pratyush Sharma PC, Win10 (2004). I have 6.4.3 today, but I think it just updated recently. I use the Windows Store version. I'm pretty sure I had 6.4.1 on Sunday when I last experienced the issue. Sorry, I can't send you a video. I've never narrowed it down to something reproducible because it only seems to happen when I'm adding (or editing) a bunch of items one after another and that typically means I'm busy doing something else and don't have time to troubleshoot. For now I can add a little more info. I always use tags and sub-tags. 3 deep is the most common for me (tag -- subtag --subtag). I'm the only one editing the vault between syncs.
  3. It would be really nice to see this get fixed. IIRC it was originally reported in the Mac forum, but I also reported it in the PC forum last year. I don't know what config combination might be the cause, but, for me, it's so bad that I don't even try to navigate via tags anymore. My config: Multiple vaults. ~800 items in a personal vault, ~400 items work in a work vault. Multiple tags and sub-tags. WebDAV sync to Nextcloud. I'm not even sure what UI state gets messed up anymore, but I know my selected item will often lose focus when a sync occurs. What I do to mitigate it is to enter a fairly unique search query that drills down to the item I want to manage. At least that way when the UI refreshes my item is still easily accessible. Also, every time I try to reproduce it, I can't make it happen by force syncing (CTRL-J). It might be specific to automatic syncs or syncs with new data to upload.
  4. Hi, I know someone asked about this on the Mac forum a while back, but, just in case bug tracking happens by platform, whenever Enpass 6 syncs, the tree for tags collapses. Can it be looked into? Thanks, Ryan
  5. This worked for me today without changing anything or doing anything differently. I'll send you a link to my video anyway just so you can see what happened. Android Enpass version 6.06.200. PC version 6.0.6 (322) from the Windows store. Phone is an LG G6 running Android 8.0.0. PC is Windows 10 Pro 1809. I sync with self-hosted Nextcloud 15.0.7 running via Docker (docker.io/library/nextcloud:15.0.7). Yes, the date and time syncs automatically, BUT it's possible my PC clock was incorrect due to a reboot from Linux (which set it to GMT). It was late and I can't remember exactly what order I did things in, but I'm 100% positive my PC clock was incorrect around the time I was trying to sync. I know because I noticed it when I went to log in to another site. Could that cause the issue you'll see in the video I'll PM you? If so, I would be concerned about losing the TOTP secret. I always let the token sync to my PC before entering codes to finish the TOTP setup since it reduces the chances of losing the secret. It's the main reason I use Enpass for TOTP. The site you'll see in my video has a TOTP implementation that makes a good case for my fear of losing a TOTP secret. When I set up my account, it didn't as me to configure a recovery phone number. It can be done, but it's manual. I didn't think about it and was configuring TOTP first. Their TOTP implementation doesn't give recovery codes either, so, had I finished the 2FA setup before the TOTP config disappeared from my phone, I might have gotten locked out of the account without many options for recovery. I know there's nothing Enpass can do about another site's subpar 2FA process, but, once I scan a TOTP QR code on my phone and get TOTP codes I can use, my expectation would be for Enpass to ensure the TOTP secret isn't going to disappear.
  6. Tonight while trying to set up a TOTP, I've run into a problem. I roughly did this: Create an account on my PC. Let everything sync (via Nextcloud) to get the Enpass item on my phone. Start setting up TOTP on the site and get a QR code. Scan the QR code on my phone, save the entry. I normally get the Enpass item synced backed to my PC and use that to finish the setup. However, tonight while waiting for my phone to sync, the TOTP disappears after about 30s. It literally disappears while I'm watching the TOTP countdown. I pointed my iPad at my phone and grabbed a poor quality video if it would help to show the issue, but I don't want to post it publicly. If you'd like it, please tell me where I can send it / upload it. Any idea what might be going wrong?
  7. I don't have a huge issue with the structure being called tags vs folders. From what I could tell in v5 it was basically the same thing, delimited tags that are presented like folders. It's the reduced ease of creating the tags/folders and adding items that are problematic for me which are mostly just bugs that need to be fixed by the looks of it. One thing that I haven't tested but that looks very useful with the current structure is that when I move and item between vaults it's should keep it's virtual tag/folder structure. It would be great if I could also move an entire tag to another vault. Ex: Customer 1:Office 365:Ryan's Office 365 Login Customer 1:Office 365:John's Office 365 Login It would be useful to move all tags matching "Customer 1:*" to another vault IMO.
  8. I was getting LoadLibrary failed with error 87 when I would do a fresh sign in over RDP. My issue ended up being solved with a driver update for my AMD video card. It's not necessarily the same as your error, but the "LoadLibrary" thing is possibly OpenGL related from what I read, so updating your video card drivers might help. Good luck!
  9. There are 3 things I've noticed so far that are different: When creating sub-tags the tag structure collapses and you need to re-navigate to the sub-tag that was just created. This also happens when I drag+drop an item onto a sub-tag. I'm constantly re-expanding tags / sub-tags. I know that's a minor complaint, but the amount of clicking and scrolling I find myself doing in general now is pretty annoying. Like apollo13 said, duplicate tags aren't allowed. We use the folder structure to organize by customer, then service, so we have a lot of duplicate names. For example: Customer 1 Office 365 Customer 2 Office 365 In Enpass 5 I could navigate to a folder and any items I created after that were automatically put into that folder. Now I need to either enter the tag name by hand, which is extremely difficult given the number (and length) of tags we have. Alternatively, I can search for an item after creating it and drag+drop it into a sub-tag. To use Office 365 as an example, Enpass 5 was really good. I'd navigate to a customer's folder, create an "Office 365" sub-folder, and add passwords as I created users. When I saw the tags in the beta I assumed they were going to work almost identical to folders, just with a different name. I regret that I didn't test it more thoroughly. All of our phones have auto-updated to version 6, so I'm going to end up updating to v6 on the desktop and will have to live with all of those annoyances for now. #2 seems like an input bug. When I try to create a sub-tag called (ex:) "Office 365", it tell's me the tag exists. However, when I look at the tags listed in an item, it seems like the tag is actually "Customer 1:Office 365" or "Customer 2:Office 365", so it's not really a duplicate, is it? I can also work around the limitation by typing a new tag manually. For example, "Customer 3:Office 365" is allowed.
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