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  1. How can you do this for Google Drive? It doesn't appear in any file location that's user accessable Edit: Found it, Google Drive -> Settings -> Manage Apps
  2. it's weird, I just closed the app and re-opened it and all of a sudden the size was correct again. It was only the first time I opened it that it was huge (like, took the entire screen size up and the scaling was all screwed up).
  3. When attempting to delete an entry using only the keyboard, the desktop mac app does not put the cursor on the popup confirmation window. The window pops up, and TAB, ENTER, or the arrow keys do not function. The only key that appears to work from here is ESC, which does close the window. Because ESC works, but nothing else I can conclude that the window has focus and is accepting keyboard keys, however this is not the case for any _other_ key.
  4. This really makes switching OS's nerve racking. I go from Windows to Mac all day and I want the shortcut to be different on each system.
  5. Using Chrome 58.0.3029.96 (64bit) With Enpass browser extension 5.4.2 With 5.5.3 When I enable Verify Browser Option - enpass won't launch from inside the browser, I've seen this happen when the browser requires an update (like after a update was downloaded but before the update was applied)
  6. Using RETURN to copy text into clipboard for TOTP results in wrong TOTP being copied I can't exactly record a video of this (as it would be some sensitive information) but when using the keyboard to make the selection using the browser extension, on both Safari and Chrome (on Mac, if that matters) results in the TOTP text (the 6 digit code) being copied, incorrectly. It's odd, but let's say the code should be 010101 well a totally unrelated number is put into the clipboard, but it's also 6 digits. I've waited a minute or two and it looks like the 6 digit code isn't related to the TOTP field and it changes depending on the time, so it's copying _A_ TOTP code, but not the _correct_ totp code.
  7. @Anshu kumar Any update on a global shortcut for opening Enpass? Often what I find is when the browser extension doesn't work, or when I need to input passwords into a field not inside a browser I reach for cmd-option-\, but it doesn't work in enpass! Moving the focus up to the taskbar to open enpass or change focus by launching the full application enpass is kinda an awful workflow, pretty please can we can an update on global shortcut key?
  8. Attempting to use https://exchange.gemini.com/signin the autofill plugin for chrome or safari doesn't find the fields at all. Both are animated when attempting to use autofill but no info is pasted into them. The HTML for the form looks like the below: <form role="form" method="POST" action="/signin"> <input type="hidden" name="csrfToken" value="<removed>"> <span class="FieldDebug"> </span> <div class="Field TextField filled FloatingLabel"> <div class="FieldLabel-Right"> </div> <label class="FieldLabel">Email Address</label> <input type="email" class="TextField" name="email" value="<removed>"> </div> <div class="password-field FloatingLabel"> <div class="Field TextField"> <div class="FieldLabel-Right"> <a tabindex="-1" href="/signin/forgot?email=<removed>">Forgot your password?</a> </div> <label class="FieldLabel">Password</label> <div class="FieldGroup FieldGroup-Right"> <input type="password" class="TextField" name="password" value=""> <span class="addOn"> <span class="Toggle">show</span> </span> </div> </div> </div> <span class="MobileOnly" id="ForgotPasswordLink"> <a href="/signin/forgot?email=<removed>">Forgot your password?</a> </span> <div class="Checkbox Field"> <label> <input type="checkbox" name="rememberEmail" value="true"> <span class="faux-check-and-label"> <span class="check-label-content">Remember my email address</span> </span> </label> </div> <div class="FormActions"> <button type="submit" class="Button Primary"> <span> <span class="iconWrap"> </span> <!-- react-text: 47 -->Sign In<!-- /react-text --></span> </button> </div> </form> Thanks!
  9. I'd be ok if we could just keyboard shortcut it into the clipboard. Perhaps a keyboard shortcut to pull up the menu, tab or arrow over and let us select the field we want to copy? It's a bother to be forced over to the mouse to hit the "i" then scroll click the copy button and then click back over to the webpage field where you need to copy it.
  10. This is a must have. One of the last things that I really need.
  11. I've recently attempted migrate over to Enpass but failed due to the TOTP or One time password field failing to migrate over as well. I followed the instructions found here: https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop/import_1password.html#step-1-export-data-from-1password for importing data from 1Password. I created the .1pif file as requested and most everything imported properly. I'll note that many tags migrated over that are unnecessary but those don't break things. The thing that doesn't work, and causes issues in the app itself is the failure to migrate TOTP fields over. Typically the field reads OTP : otpauth://totp/<removed>, and as a text field. Up until the 5.3.0 release, I often wasn't able to create a TOTP field but that at least seems to work now.
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