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  1. Having the same issues. I've tried completely wiping DropBox from my machine, using different browsers, rebooting, etc.
  2. I'm having the same issue with DropBox on a Windows 10 machine and not getting any support.
  3. Same issue. I got it to work on my widnows laptop but not my windwos workstation. Version 6.0.2 (240)
  4. I had tried that at and at first it appeared to have sync. But after a couple seconds it just spins and it isn't synching at all. I've also tried it with other browsers. Other ideas? Nick
  5. I recently upgraded to enpass 6.0.0 (230). Enpass syncs with DropBox and I have been able to sync it with multiple different devices: iPhone iPad Windows 10 Laptop However, I'm not able to sync with a Windows 10 workstation or new MacBook Air. The login to drop box works on the browser, but then enpass just spins trying to sync. Any ideas? Screen shot attached.
  6. I was having similar issues synching OneDrive with my Windows Desktop (Windows 7). Sync works great with iPhone and iPad. On my desktop I disconnect my account and reconnected it and it synced up great. I hope that helps. Nick
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