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  1. Finally, an acknowledgement! Thank you, Vinod.
  2. Yes, backward compatibility sorely needed!
  3. Correct, I don't need to upgrade to V6 on my PC, but was duped into it and gladly paid for premium. Come to find out, it won't sync with V5 on win 10 mobile, so this is useless now. I'll gladly stay with V5 if there's a way to downgrade, and so, refund me for V6!
  4. Yes, I have similar issues. Half-baked release, and I paid for premium version to support Enpass. Come to find out that there isn't a V6 for win 10 mobile, and the databases are not compatible. I would like a refund, and a way to downgrade to V5 please.
  5. Dear Enpass, I plan to keep using win 10 mobile until my handset fails, which might me quite sometime. Are you working on the compatibility of V6 with V5 databases? Or will you release a V6 app for win 10 mobile? If neither, then V6 is useless to me at this time. I will need a way to downgrade my win 10 PC back to V5, and a refund for purchasing V6 please.
  6. It is now obvious that the databases for V6 and V5 are not compatible (yet?). So if your sync fails after updating to V6, use your V5 backup file to get your data entries back. This worked for me, although I did not document how I did it.
  7. Yes, I'm in a similar situation. I started a topic in a different forum. The question is whether v6 and v5 can sync from the same database? Thanks in advance.
  8. Count me in as unhappy about the re-purchase for V6 (I did anyway). My question is whether V6 (win10 PC) will sync with V5 (win 10 mobile)? Thanks in advance.
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