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  1. The Solution: I used the old portable version 5 which is not able to handle .enpassblackup-files. I used the portable version v6 beta (https://www.enpass.io/beta/) and it works now.
  2. Hi, I have three vaults on my MacOS (two on cloud and one local). I wanna move the local vault to the Windows Portable Version. I went to the local vault and did a backup. It creates me a file local.enpassbackup Then I opened the Windows portable version and want to restore from backup, but I can only choose an .walletx or .db file. What can I do to import the vault? Greetings, Marcel
  3. What? Why should this be a security issue?
  4. Hi Vinod, "Touch ID should popup" but it doesn't. With the new Update 6.0.2 I can use only Password at startup, no Touch ID icon available. After first login and lock it's possible to choose Touch ID symbol, but it's not automatically available.
  5. Hi, i change to Enpass to use the multiple vaults feature on different devices (MacOS and Android). I need five separate vaults. Why it's not possible to use one account (e.g. onedrive or google) and store all separate vaults with separate names in that account? Do I really create four other accounts, to use multiple vaults? What's the restriction behind this? In KeePass I had all vaults in one account, without problems... Hope you could change this ... please. Marcel //Edit: Opened a separate thread, because i didn't saw this thread, sorry. Thanks for merging my thread into this one.
  6. I have the same problem ... why is the Touch ID not available right at the start of Enpass? And also if Enpass is locked and i switch to Enpass? Everytime i have to choose Touch ID first ... very annoying and time-wasting ... Please change it or let the user choose, which option he wanna use first. Password or Touch ID. Marcel
  7. maeck

    No more touchID?

    Hi there, i'm very surprised, that the Touch-ID option is an premium feature. For a security software like Enpass it should be an basic feature in my opinion. Anyway, i bought it to support the developer, but it astonished me. Marcel
  8. Could you please change the "Minute" into "Seconds"? Or let the user choose, like it was in the old version. Thanks! Marcel
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