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  1. @Vinod Kumar okay and I wrote you back and told you that the standardport was changed and I come up with every other WEBDav program: I send you again a screenshot and you could try it again under the same password. but unfortunately I can not because your great side always thinks I'm a spambot and PN hardly go?!?
  2. @Vinod Kumardo you want to give us or me any information? now I have already made a test access to my webdav server available? the data is as already written completely correct! my alternative webdav port I have written to you via pn. the right ones are and were right too. You can write and read with the testuser. With every other webdav program you can read, write and execute files / folders. can you or the team please accept this, would like to give you an unlimited unlimited access without a feedback to get! I am confused! status, a vault is created and set up via webdav sync that works. but as soon as I want to create a second vault on another local folder, although a connection is returned for the first time but the second sync attempt will cause an error. furthermore, no second sync file is created at all. maybe there is any user where it works?
  3. Did you get my 2 PM, the PM thing is crazy, I do not see if I've sent you something that sucks a bit! @Vinod Kumar
  4. @Vinod Kumar @all First of all thanks for the quick feedback! access rights to the folder are set, it is not. The connection to folder is also made. can I help you? the problem is that I can now use no more vault. many Greetings seger
  5. Hello everybody, First of all many thanks for the almost perfect program ... I have a problem with the latest Wondows store version. Maybe the admin or even a user can confirm the same to me and promise with a solution or a soon FIX? So I am successfully connected to my Synology via WebDAV and syncronize everything with my iOS mobile phone. So far so good. Now I have created a 2 vault, a brand new one. Here I created a password / entry, that worked too. Now I would like to syncronize the second vault with the same or other access data WebDAV (other user on the Nas and this has no access to my main syncron folder) to another local folder on the Synology. The first connection also takes place, no problem. BUT, Enpass does not create a "vault.enpassdbsync" file in the new WebDav folder at all. stadessen is a Syncronization error: "No data found on WebDAV". The connection to the other folder exists however. How do I get on here now? Is this a BUG that will be fixed soon or am I doing something wrong? Addition: after the error I can click on "solve now" and click "continue". Then he tells me again "last syncronized a few seconds ago". After clicking again "Syncronize now" comes again the error "No data found on WebDAV". Thank you for your help. many Greetings Seger