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  1. FireFox add-on incompatible with FF 57 Being a FF nightly user and given upcoming change in add-on usage (legacy add-on being disabled) there is no option right now to use Enpass browser plugin on nightly builds anymore. Is there a plan to update plugin to become a non-legacy one?
  2. You don't even have iptables? There are dependencies check in Arch for enpass, right? It's up to developers to comment here because I have no knowledge how exactly browser extension works, but sound like some component missing since it's Arch and you could've miss it!? I know they ship own libs with Enpass, but not all. Sorry, no other ideas
  3. @edolnx have you tried explicitly allowing this connection in your firewall?
  4. @Damir yeah, there were no updates on that, so I'm stuck with light themes because of Enpass while preferring Dark themes myself
  5. Yeah it's still happening, but it's not only the Enpass issue, some other apps do that too, so probably not only app related, still very annoying
  6. Actually this is quite critical, because I've re-installed both my laptops to F25 and now I don't have ability to sync my enpass. This also affects latest stable as I mentioned.
  7. @Ankur Sahu Also with a cold boot I have this issue with an icon. Does not reproduce after reboot, but after shutdown, that's what I get. Relaunching an app fixes it. Switching from Light to Dark mode keep this bizarre icon background. UPD: looks like a one time thing, if you restart app issue does not exist after that. Still happening if you do a fresh install.
  8. @Ankur Sahu Manual command works fine, it successfully opens the web-site, however not only the authentication part works, but also none of the links from the saved cards works.
  9. Hey, I'm trying this beta and same issue is with last stable version: I cannot set it up from scratch with Google Drive on Fedora 25. App does not open any browser for authentication. I've restored from backup and it worked fine, but still cannot enable sync after that.
  10. Being a Fedora user, wondering that too...
  11. My understanding is, if RPM creation is easy you can upload to RPMfusion and don't maintain your on repo.
  12. Okay, let me know when there is something to test, happy to help.
  13. Do you have an ETA for the new beta?
  14. So, looks like we'll never gonna see that repo, too bad...
  15. @Gajender Singh looks like I'm not the only who missed your attention. The forum in general is missing dev's attention and despite being a very decent product it's still requires a lot of polishing ;-)
  16. So...anyone going to at least acknowledge the problem or this forum is just another black hole for the ideas and issues? Just curious...
  17. Sounds like a very good idea, I'm truly supporting it. The implementation of course can vary, but the idea of UI and core sounds reasonable.
  18. On Cinnamon and KDE DE (both running on Fedora 24) whenever I have a notification (any notification), if I click this notification Enpass goes to foreground. Are you aware of this issue? This is very annoying to be honest. Enpass version is 5.3
  19. I'm wondering about update here too, all dark themes in various DE are broken to some degree (I've used Gnome, Cinnamon and KDE lateley). Most annoying is passwork prompt on start, you can't see whether you're typing anything and KDE styling is still pretty bad on Breeze Dark.
  20. @Richard Try actually following: - Enable autorun - Reboot - Open app manually - Disable autorun - Enable autorun - Reboot Check whether it worked or not
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