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  1. Does anyone have Enpass working on Android 10? I have encountered two problems. First, I go into an authentication loop trying to sync with Google Drive. Authentication is successful, then I am sent back to the "Pick an account to sync with" screen. I can get around this problem by copying Enpass settings from another phone running Android 9, then I have the second problem - autofill does not work. Autofill prompts me for a PIN, asks me to select the item, then returns to the login screen without filling in the user/password. Possibly the autofill problem is caused by copying the settings from another phone, but I can't determine that until the authentication loop problem is fixed. Enpass version Android 10 build # QP1A.190711.020 Problem solved. First, if the "Don't keep activities" option under Apps in Developer Options is enabled, disable it. If that does not fix it, disable Developer Options and test. Re-enable Developer Options. It should still work. Some of your developer options will be disabled, so you'll have to re-enable them.
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