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  1. 11 hours ago, Lonelobo0070 said:

    The missing feature of Enpass that all other Password managers has is a web interface. I use a lot of different computers (not always my computer) and need to login to other services. Now I need to install Enpass on every device and remove it after getting the password or copy the password on a unsecure way to the computer. It would be nice to run a Enpass server on a Linux device ( for example a Raspberry pi) to use a web version of Enpass in my local network.

    What you are asking for is one of the core reasons people use Enpass for. Building a web version (like LastPass or 1Password) would mean that there needs to be a back end server where Enpass can “in theory” have access to your usernames/passwords to display them to you on your web browser. Many customers are not comfortable with that.  In the current device model of Enpass, the passwords/keys don’t leave your device and Enpass can’t access them.  I consider this the strongest security feature of Enpass over 1Password/LastPass etc.

    For your use case - try using the portable apps that Enpass has made available. You can save it on your USB stick or your email as an attachement, just click and run that file when you are on a 3rd party computer. No need to install and uninstall


  2. Having bugs that are essentially hijacking web pages and not allowing users to fill forms and drop downs  are priority #1.  I had an issue with Enpass due to which safari got stuck on a page and my card was billed twice.  I had to wait months to get a reversal from the merchant.  

    web form and filling bugs go against the core basic of what your app is supposed to do.  It trumps all other new features or backlog in development.  Strange that item has no ETA

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  3. So i think it’s lot of noise for not that much change

    Command + / still works in Mac Safari

    For Firefox and Chrome - I changed to Command + .   Almost the same

    Also with autofill not happening at the text field itself, there is really no need to use the command shortcut as i can simply use the drop down key to select my account. I LOVE the changes. I think most people are having issues because they  may have disabled the autofill icon in text fields. If you do that, the keyboard shortcut isn’t really needed. 

    My only concern is

    1. I am unable to set default password manager on macOS Safari which means the keychain username/password overlaps with Enpass. I don’t want to disable autofill username/password on Safari Mac as I use it on iPhone as well

    2. Any update on Enpass launching a safari iOS extension to help with similar auotfilling and saving of new passwords?


  4. @vinod - i hope you don’t bring back what these folks are asking here.. i for one am happy with the biometric login post restart and absolutely hate 1password for forcing me to enter master password each time.. it is ok if you want to go and add this as an advanced option setting for these folks, but please do not make it mandatory. I like the way it is right now

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  5. 1 hour ago, Gabriele said:

    Thank you for your reply! I have the manual backup using the export function of Enpass, so I haven't lose my data.

    But I cannot access to my previous phone because it has broken so I have a new phone but I cannot enter to enpass using my previous account since I have forgot the master password. I only can create a new user but I cannot understand why I have to pay one more account since I had the Pro-features in my current one (that I can't have access on it since my old phone doesn't run - not not even with the biometric).

    This is my situation.

    Hope to have clarified enough


    You should reword the title of the post. It’s needlessly inflammatory. Enpass is not stealing your money

    regarding your situation. Your backup won’t help if you don’t remember the master password. Your only option is to find a device with enpass still logged in and you can use that to export your content out.  If you only had one device with enpass logged in which is now broken and don’t remember the master password, you can’t do anything else.  You are locked out for good. 

  6. 6 hours ago, MoonRaven said:

    Well not 2FA, that's just things like the TOTP. The breach monitor is something we as users can access for free, but for software, they might have to pay for each check. Still, they promised the new features and they still offer a lifetime subscription.

    Think you are making a mountain of molehill. Their pro features continue to be free and we have no loss in functionality since first purchased lifetime subscription. Give them some time to work out their plans to make it sustainable in future. They can’t just make everything free - their business would shut down and we would all be losing a useful product. I am a legacy pro lifetime user as well. As long as my pro features remain and i keep getting support for new OS, I am satisfied

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  7. So I finally got my Mac M1 and here is my feedback 

    I downloaded the latest version of enpass from

    their website.  Everything is working fine including the safari extension and autofill.  No issues to report. 

    one quirk is that upon reboot the main enpass app window opens and asks me to use Touch ID to unlock it.  Upon doing so it unlocks and I am good to go 


    previously upon startup the main enpass window never showed up.  Only on using the app it would ask to enter Touch ID or master  password.  How do I get back that behavior please where enpass window doesn’t upon ok it’s own upon startup



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