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  1. For anyone looking into this - just got it to work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ by enabling developer options in the OS settings, and then in the developer options, under 'Apps', enabled the option called "Force activities to be resizeable". I have also enabled DeX labs, perhaps that helped? Since then, Enpass has been launching in DeX without issues (autofill seems to work, too).
  2. Hi, any updates on this? I believe more and more people use DeX. An update would be greatly appreciated. Would this feature be implemented to test in a beta? If so I'm down to help the team any way I can. Thanks
  3. Hey @Garima Singh Thanks for the heads up. I have downloaded the update and tested it extensively. First of all, congrats on supporting Brave. I have tried the Android Autofill which worked well in my experience, it seems more reliable than before! However, when trying the Accessibility Autofill (tapping the notification), the fields still aren't being filled. This was tested on multiple websites, using the latest stable versions of Brave, Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, on Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android 10 / OneUI 2.0 (latest stable Feb 1st patch). Note that when tapping the notification, the right Enpass entry shows up, so it recognises the website I am trying to log in to. Hope this helps - let me know if I can help further.
  4. Thanks @eno, good to hear this isn't an isolated bug. And it looks like your issue is 100% the same as mine. @Pratyush Sharma any news on the bug the Dev team found a month ago, by any chance?
  5. Awesome! Thanks for looking into it and for the continued updates. Looking forward to the fix I'll update here when this is fixed in the future. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply, Tahreem. I wasn't bothered by the lack of support for Android autofill in Brave, as the Accessibility Autofill has always worked well enough for me (albeit not perfectly). The fact that this secondary solution doesn't work anymore system-wide is definitely the real issue. What used to be a fairly smooth user experience is now super cumbersome. I'll keep troubleshooting and see if this is a very specific issue on my end, as I couldn't find any other similar complaints. Good to hear you're working on fine-tuning autofill, I'll be on the lookout for updates to the app. Please let us know if you do test the app further on Android 10 / OneUI 2! Thanks
  7. Also note this issue isn't exclusive to Brave, it's *any* app relying on the Accessibility Autofill. For example, I could replicate the same bug with Spotify - Enpass didn't fill the email/password fields like it used to.
  8. Hi, I have noticed Autofill using Accessibility doesn't work anymore on my Galaxy S10+, after updating to Android 10 / OneUI 2.0. I use Brave browser so I rely on the Accessibility route only, as it is not compatible with the Android Autofill service. I still have another phone on Android 9 / OneUI 1.5, which doesn't have the issue below: When trying to use Autofill on a website, I tap the Autofill notification, the Enpass biometric / login dialog appears normally, I pick the right login account from the list, it switches back to Brave. Normally at this point, it would fill the login fields correctly. On Android 10, this leaves the fields empty, nothing happens. I have tried to remove Enpass from the "optimised from battery" list, then reset my phone's settings, uninstalled / reinstalled both Enpass and Brave... And finally factory reset my phone, nothing worked. Is anyone else having the issue? Don't want to keep manually inputting passwords, switch to another password manager, or browser...
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