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  1. Oh jeez EnPass, this is a complete hot mess you've put your customers in. How about some more input into the thread about what you are doing about it. I can see you losing a lot of loyal customers over this..... If it's Microsoft's fault, then call them out, but tell us why at least, otherwise you are going to cop the blame for all of this. I literally recommended you to a colleague yesterday who purchased a lifetime sub this morning and he is going mad because of all this.
  2. And now it doesnt work again. I closed EnPass, and relaunched it and now getting the errors.
  3. Hmm ok, so it appears I now have version 6.8.4 from the store. I was getting the usual errors above, but yes, lo and behold, the errors have stopped and it now works. WTF!!!!
  4. Ugh...thanks for that....not. I just updated my EnPass (which was working fine) from the store, and now *I* have this problem..
  5. Hi, Windows 10 PC running EnPass version 6.41.642.0 from Windows Store iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.4.1 with EnPass 6.4.4 iPad Pro running iPadOS 13.4.1 with EnPass 6.4.4
  6. I’ve signed up to the forum just to upvote this.... I’m a new EnPass user, and I too have this issue. The identical section is just borked. a. It can’t count. Shows 23, or 20 or 17 depending on which device you are on, but manual count shows 15 across all devices. b. I also have it showing 1 identical. How can one be identical.....it requires 2? c. 2 that it shows are identical are in fact not. Different by 1 character.
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