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  1. Hi, I am considering buying the pro upgrade of enpass. So far I downloaded the app on my mac (macOS 10.12.2) and on my iPhone 6 (iOS 10.2). I have entered 20 passwords and wanted to sync it to iCloud. While the mac does not give me any error, my iPhone does not sync. It says it is syncing but after a few minutes it throws the error code -118. No password have been synced. This error occurs both via WiFi and mobile data. Apparently another user has the same problem and reported it already two weeks ago:
  2. Hi, I set up Enpass using WebDAV authentication, and that seems to work fine. However, I am currently trying to configure it for my iPhone as well, but this fails. On the iPhone, the Enpass app gives the error "Authorization failed" even with the correct URL, username and password. my server logs give the following details: Enpass on iPhone: [error] Digest: client used wrong authentication scheme `Basic': /webdav/enpass/ As you probably know HTTP supports both Basic and Digest authentication. Basic is unencryted, Digest uses a hash. So it seems that the MacOS version does support both Basic and Digest authentication, but the iPhone version only Basic authentication. I will configure my server to allow Basic authentication. While Basic authentication does not encrypt passwords, it is fine, as long at HTTPS is used (if HTTP would be used, the password would be send in plain text on the Internet). Now I have three suggestions for improvement: Support HTTP Digest WebDAV authentication on iOS. I assume all libraries support both (the Digest protocol was published 1999, the Basic protocol is even older) Only support HTTPS protocol, not HTTP (in case that is not already the case). Alternatively, if you prefer to still support HTTP, ensure Digest encryption is used. Let the user explicitly choose the authentication scheme: Digest, Basic, or Digest with Basic as fall-back.
  3. As stated elsewhere I'm evaluating enpass as a replacement for a solution I've used to 10+ years - which doesn't even have a Safari integration feature so enpass wins anyway... So pretty much the first thing I tried is to sign-up for this forum on my iPad ;-) Naturally I brought up the iOS extension and went to 'create new sign-in', expecting to find the password generator there...?
  4. Hello Guys, For the first time we are introducing Beta Program for iOS platform. Get your hands on the Pre-release version and enjoy all new features before official release. For that you have to Enroll yourself for our Beta Program using the same Apple ID where we will push the Beta versions through TestFlight. Please help us in improving Enpass by reporting issues and bugs encountered by you. Cheers!
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