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Google Drive multiple Enpass folders


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Hi all,

I just started using Enpass on my Mac and my Nexus 6. I sync using Google Drive. This all seems to work well. The only catch is that I end up with multiple Enpass folders in my Google Drive folder, and even multiple "sync_default.walletx" files in a single Enpass folder. As long as Enpass knows which is the latest file, I guess it doesn't really matter, but it makes a mess of my Google Drive folder. On the Mac the folders are all numbered, like "Enpass (5)". If there's more than one Enpass file, they're named like "sync_default (1).walletx".

On my Nexus 6, all files all of the folders have the same name, as do multiple sync_default files. Is there a known issue? Or is it supposed to work like that? If the latter, there must be a better way.

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Yes, I can confirm this bug on my end.  In my case, the clients in use are:

  • qty 1 iOS iPhone 6
  • qty 1 iOS iPad
  • qty 1 Android Nexus 5x
  • qty 1 Windows 10 laptop
  • qty 1 OS X Macbook Air

It doesn't happen that much, but both cases have occurred to me: 

  1. A duplicate "Enpass" folder in my shared Google Drive, with its own "sync_default.walletx" file inside.
  2. A duplicate "sync_default.walletx" file inside the primary "Enpass" folder.

Thankfully (!) removing the oldest of these files didn't break sync to the other clients.  I'm impressed with the robustness of the software!

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