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Autofill via Autofill API goes horribly wrong in Microsoft Edge browser on German sites


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I recently started using Android 9 and 10 (got the update a few days ago on my Google Pixel 3a) and tried out the new Autofill API in my browser (Microsoft Edge for Android). Unfortunately, this turned out to be a really bad experience. While autofill via accessibility service was working really great on almost every website (independent from language), it goes horribly wrong when doing it via the Android autofill API.

I noticed that on all German sites Enpass will just fill the mail address / user name into both login fields (mail/username + password). So it does not fill the password at all, it does this:

Username: "user"
Password: "user"

When I browse an English site, it looks like it's behaving normally. I tried a few and there it seems to work. Until now, I have not found a single German site where the Autofill via API works.

So from my point of view, there are these possibilities:

1. Enpass itself is confused by German password fields called "Passwort" - but this would be strange because autofill via accessibility service is doing fine
2. Enpass is just confused in this particular autofill mode in conjunction with Edge for Android browser
3. Android or Edge browser are doing some crap on German sites which makes it impossible for Enpass to determine what kind of stuff it has to autofill

I give you a list of sites where it definitely does not work right now, you should be able to reproduce easily on these sites:


I haven't tried another browser (e.g. Chrome) so far, because I want to use Edge in any case to sync my favorites and stuff with my Windows devices. It would be great if you could try to reproduce this issue and fix ist!

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I have the exact same issue on most Dutch websites (Dutch is pretty similar to German). For example www.gall.nl and www.bol.com. Enpass usually puts the email address in both fields. I too am using Edge, but I've tried Chrome and the behaviour was the same. 

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