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Fingerprint not working to unlock

Andy Fore

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I am running beta version on Android 9 Pie on a Note 10+ and with the latest beta release the fingerprint unlock will not work anymore.

When I upgraded the app the unlock quit working. The option in settings was checked, but it no longer functioned. After unchecking the option, when checking again it no longer stays checked.

I have tried reinstalling the app but that made no difference.

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Hey Enpass users!

We have an update regarding the "Fingerprint" issue. While our dev team is looking into this issue, you can try the below steps to unlock Enpass with fingerprint on Samsung mobiles:

Go to device Settings --> Biometrics and Security --> Biometric Preferences --> Preferred Biometric --> Select Fingerprint as preferred biometric.

Let us know if this helps! We'll share an update once we have fixed this in the app.


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