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I gave Enpass for Windows (not the Windows 10 app from the app store) a try and added a sample entry there.
There I set to store my password database on the folder D:\Enpass.
Reason: I create a weekly backup of my D:\ drive

Then I saw that there is also a Windows 10 Universal App available.
So I installed it too (I want to switch to the Windows 10 Universal App).
After startup I selected to import all data from a local drive and selected the file D:\Enpass\walletx.db

After that I added an second entry ans recognized that the file D:\Enpass\walletx.db was not modified.
So the Windows 10 Universal App stored the data elsewhere.

Is there a way to tell the Windows 10 app to use the file D:\Enpass\walletx.db
And to use the backup folder D:\Enpass\Backups



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Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that Windows Store apps store their data inside app sandbox and it's not possible to change the default location. So, in this case, I recommend you to sync data between your devices through cloud of your choice, which will keep the database updated on both the devices.  For more details please have a look at our FAQs.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @Anshu kumar

thank you, now I know that I will use the Windows Desktop version, where I can store the database in any folder of my choice.

Is it also possible to rename the database?
I would like to rename it from walletx.db to OLLI.db.
What else do I have to to when I want to rename the file?



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