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Browser extension not working in Linux


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I've installed Enpass on Arch Linux from the community AUR:https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/enpass-bin

I'm also using Firefox in Arch Linux, and when attempting to launch Enpass from either the toolbar or the context menu on a form I just get a new tab that says "Enpass connection error". The browser extension is enabled in enpass settings, and I can see Enpass listening on

I have two different systems, both are using Arch Linux with the KDE Plasma desktop. Both exhibit the same problems. Everything works fine on Windows machines. Any ideas?

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You don't even have iptables? There are dependencies check in Arch for enpass, right? It's up to developers to comment here because I have no knowledge how exactly browser extension works, but sound like some component missing since it's Arch and you could've miss it!? I know they ship own libs with Enpass, but not all. Sorry, no other ideas :(

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Hi @edolnx

Sorry to hear about your trouble. I would like to share that Enpass browser extension communicates to the Enpass app over the localhost address. So please check and verify that any third-party application is not interfering the localhost connections ( and make sure you have "lsof" installed on your system.

Also, please run the below command in terminal and share the output.

  • lsof -i:10391

Where 10391 is a port number.

If there is no output (blank), please try with other port numbers between 10391 to 10395.

Thanks for your co-operation!

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Greetings @Anshu kumar -

Here is the output you requested:

endeavour :: ~ » lsof -i:10391
firefox  8020 caperry  117u  IPv4 54786093      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:57006->localhost.localdomain:10391 (ESTABLISHED)
Enpass  12153 caperry   18u  IPv4  7207955      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:10391 (LISTEN)
Enpass  12153 caperry   30u  IPv4 54779412      0t0  TCP localhost.localdomain:10391->localhost.localdomain:57006 (ESTABLISHED)
endeavour :: ~ » 

Let me know what else you need. Thanks!

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