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Broader Android Browser Support

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I searched the forums, but only found requests for different specific browsers such as Vivaldi, Brave etc. As it is, full-featured Autofill support on Android is available for Chrome, Firefox Focus, Edge, and Opera. Other browsers work, but Enpass can't detect the current page, so one has to manually search for the relevant credential. As it is, the lack of Enpass support is what's stopping me from switching from Chrome to a Chromium-based app that supports ad-blocking.

Would it be possible to implement more universal support for Android browsers, considering most are based on Chromium anyway? I installed LastPass just to take a look at their browser support. Their implementation definitely works with more browsers - several flavors of Firefox, Kiwi Browser, etc.

What do you need to support more browsers? Is there anything users might contribute?


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Hey @janw,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I am glad to share that we have recently released Brave browser support on Android devices. We are listening to our users and will actively make changes to the app update based on the constructive feedback we have been receiving, so thank you for getting in touch.


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