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The maximum storage quota has been reached


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I am PRO user on Android and I am getting the message that "The maximum storage quota has been reached".

I have 711 items. What is the maximum storage quota? And how can I fix this issue, since I am unable to synchronize the latest logins on my phone?

I am using Enpass app version on an Android 9 device, which synchronizes via Onedrive. There is a lot of free space on my Onedrive account and my phone.


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Hey @korg250,

We regret the inconvenience with the maximum storage. It could have been a bug causing this intermittent issue. 

14 hours ago, korg250 said:

After removing and installing back the app the issue has been fixed

We'll check at our end if we're able to replicate the same and find a cause for this issue.


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