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  1. I do recommend that you contact Enpass directly, since I don't believe they read their our forums.
  2. And how come no one from Enpass is addressing this issue here?
  3. korg250

    Windows Hello on Windows Desktop

    Hi. Any update on this feature? Thanks!
  4. Hi. The latest Firefox extension version is 5.3.4, released January 23, 2017. Is the new update still in queue? Thanks.
  5. korg250

    Fingerprint for Desktopversion

    How come there's still no support on the desktop version of the app? Windows Hello still is in beta version? Funny thing: they released an integration with Apple's Touch ID and Touch Bar which is limited to a single laptop model and must have a very limited user base. While my Thinkpad, that has a fingerprint reader for more than 10 years, still has no support in the desktop version. Lastpass has it for years! Come on guys!