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Restore from OneDrive - wrong Password


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I am successfully running Enpass on my PC (Win10), my Android phone and my iPad. Now I did install it on my Laptop (Win10), too. 

But when I try to restore data from OneDrive Enpass does not accept my password. I assume it is my Master Password the program is asking for - and that is working fine on my other machines until now. Any suggestions or any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any support.

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just tried it. Trying to activate synchronization did not work due to a "wrong password". I also clicked on the help button in Enpass while trying to activate sync. It showed a "last password change" date in 1970 and an empty machine name.

Just as an idea, what happens if I change my master password on my main device (my PC) - will that also change / refresh the password for the data stored on Onedrive?



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If you have all the data intact in one of your devices:

  • You can simply disconnect the sync across all your devices. 
  • Once done, please delete the synced files in the cloud service you are using. 
  • Now setup the sync once again on the device where all your data is and try to connect the same cloud service to the new device in which you were having an issue. 

Please let me know if this doesn't help. 

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