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Recover .walletx file from external hard drive.


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Yes, you have misunderstood.

I had my .walletx backup files on a harddrive.

The mac time machine overwrote those.

I'm looking for a way to extract/recover these files using data recovery software however as these files are .walletx this makes it difficult as this is a non standard file type.

I was looking at adding ".walletx" as a file type to this recovery software.
See https://www.r-studio.com/creating-custom-file-type-r-studio.html.
However it's hard to assess what the start and finish signatures are of the .walletx file and I don't know what data type these files are.

Can anyone here help with that please?

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Hi Tahreem.

Yes, seems this approach is not going to work in that case.
Thanks for the info, nothing major so it's ok. Just one password I wanted to recover but now seems unlikely now.
Just an unfortunate TimeMachine backup issue. Not your fault.



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