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Android App keeps dropping Webdav connecting


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I use Enpass with several devices (Windows 10 + Android). I connect to my own Nextcloud server by Webdav.

The very annoying problem i have is that on my Samsung S10+ (most recent standard Android version), the webdav connecting disappears. The line where it normally says:

https://address-of-my-nextcloud/remote.php/webdav is empty then.

I have to click disconnect en make the connecting again. After that i wil work again for a couple of days but it keeps disappearing.

This doesn't happen on my Samsung tablet (older Android version) or on my S8 (same version).

Any ideas on how to fix this? I am not willing to use a different connection method other than Webdav :) i have tried to remove and reinstall the app. I am using the most recent version.

Besides this i am pretty happy about Enpass, too bad it doesnt add new registrations very well but i can do that by hand. The problem above is starting to become a major issue for me.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Operations,

For quick troubleshooting, disconnect the sync from all the devices and reconnect it again. Now do some sample change like mark any item to favorite, add a new item in any one device. Now check does the changes are reflected in other devices?
If your problem persists, please share the following details so that we can investigate where the problem could be.

  • On which devices and OS versions (mention all) are you using Enpass?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on each device?
  • Are you getting any error message or code during sync? If yes, share it with us.
  • Does the Date and Time setting set to automatic on all devices?
  • Does the last synced time get updated on the sync page?
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