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steam TOTP support request

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The lastest steam totp request was submitted two years ago, but the reply template is just Perfunctory which we will see anywhere in the forum or auto-reply emails. That's not just , and I have emailed to their address and asked for the feature , but nothing happened.

And today I submit it again.


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Hey @user from keepass

Welcome to the forum!

We are extremely sorry for the trouble you have been facing from a long time. I would like to share that this feature is already in our road map and our team is working on it. Hopefully, the same will be available in the future version of Enpass. Your patience will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for understanding.

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4 hours ago, SophiaB said:

Adding my vote to this feature. I understand that "we're working on it" means "we'll add it in 2237, perhaps" but eh, its worth a try xD

Not sure how steam otp works, but customizable totp is actually in the 6.8 beta of Enpass which is public for mac/windows

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