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Unlock error caveau


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Hi, I made the switch to premium account and I'm doing fine, but I just have a little annoying problem.
Every time I have to unlock enpass the first attempt always gives me an error, but on the second attempt it works fine. I thought I was typing wrong, I tried pasting the password it didn't work on the first try but on the second it did.

Can you check it out please.

The version I am using: 6.5.0 (700) windows 10

thank you


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  • I started using enpass from this version I don't know even with the previous ones there was the same problem
  • yes more than one example @ *! € £ $
  • With a simple password it always works correctly, even with just the pin it works well, in fact I prefer to use a more complex password and a simpler pin

I remain available for other details.

Thank you

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Hi @sixdas,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

Unfortunately, our QA team cannot reproduce the issue, and the app is working as expected. We need further information and help from you to identify the cause of this unexpected behavior.

Install the Enpass app from our website and create a dummy database with the same password you were facing facing problem earlier. Quit the app and open it again. Check whether the app accepts the Master Password for the first time.

If the above method doesn't work, please share 

  • Language of the system and Enpass app.
  • The keyboard layout you are using.
  • If possible, share a video of the issue with us on support@enpass.io.
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Hey @sixdas

Thank you for writing back. The difference between the website version and the store version is that the website version of Enpass allows you to change the data location of the Enpass app, which is not possible with the store version of the Enpass app.

Another difference is that with store version of Enpass, you will be able to use full-time windows hello or Touch ID feature, which is not possible with website version of Enpass.

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