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Big Red Alert (Ad)

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On 12/30/2020 at 6:06 AM, Garima Singh said:

Hey @Disappointed in Enpass

We totally understand your concern and apologies for the trouble and would like to share that we have noted your request to remove the alert.

Thanks for the co-operation.

Hi, any ETA on this?

I was able to turn it off on Enpass Desktop, but on the Android version ( there's still this giant red rectangle I can't get rid of, every single time I open Enpass.

It's very annoying.

Would really appreciate a toggle in settings to turn it off.

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Given that they've shown that they locked the other post where they promised things and didn't get to it (

, I doubt soon.


I really had great hopes for Enpass, but they overpromise and underdeliver. Hell, I've recommended it to so many people, but they only use canned responses lately. I've even seen someone who had an upgrade option for their lifetime subscription, even though I never had one. The price was higher than the offer that new users had months ago (39.99 vs 24.99). Their ratings on the appstores have dropped. I legit am sad about this all..

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16 hours ago, MoonRaven said:

I've recommended it to so many people, but they only use canned responses lately.

I did the same in the past 4 years, made several friends and colleagues switch to Enpass, the killer feature that draw me towards Enpass was being able to choose which cloud provider to use to sync my data.

I'm getting disappointed too, didn't really like the redesign of Enpass 6 back then, and now this sudden change of plans.

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On 2/11/2021 at 4:08 PM, Garima Singh said:

please bear with us.

I would, but it's been almost 2 months since the first message in this thread, and almost 2 weeks since your last response, and yet the red banner is there.

If you're unwilling to fix such a simple issue (really, just a toggle in settings), what would happen with more serious ones?

As an once happy customer who purchased your app, I'm honestly disappointed in how all of this is being managed.

I've decided to move over to another Open Source password manager, it's been nice while it lasted, but no more Enpass for me.


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Guys, what are you talking about? I purchased the lifetime license one year ago on my iPhone and I never got asked to pay again or saw any banners, so all these threads seem very weird to me. If you get warnings about a hacked password, maybe you should change the password in question.

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