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iOS - Vaults with custom Icons

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at September, you releases a Version of Enpass iOS, that fixes an issue with custom vault icons! With the latest version this fix is now gone...

I have different vaults on iOS (synced via WebDav on my NAS). The default vault has an icon, that can not be changed. But the custom vaults can have custom icons, instead of using the default given icons.

I have created a custom icon and add this icon to the custom created vaults:

1) Default Vault (default icon, Enpass logo)
2) Custom Vault (custom icon)
3) Custom Vault 2 (custom icon)
4) Custom Vault 3 (custom icon)

With the latest version of Enpass for iOS, a default vault icon is displayed instead of my custom icons! If I go to settings and overwrite that default icon with my custom icon again for just one vault, all vaults show again the custom icon! But only for this time, when I close the App Enpass and open Enpass again, the custom icons are gone again.

Can you please fix this again? Or at least add the default icon (Enpass logo) of the default vault to your standard vault icon list, so that this vault icon can also be selected...



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Hi @The Game,

Welcome to the forums!

Please revert to us with the answer to the following queries and we will get it sorted out for you:

  • On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  • Which Enpass version are you using?

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You can also check with the Mac App Store Version of Enpass the behavior:

Selecting a default (or custom icon) on vault 1 and a default or custom logo on vault two on your iOS device and see, if those ones of vault 1 and 2 are in sync with the Mac version using WEBDAV. You can have on your Mac different icons than on iOS for the same vault... the icons are not in sync.

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Hey @The Game

Thanks for reporting this bug.

We have reproduced the issue and our team is working on this towards a fix. Please stay tuned for the future version of Enpass and then share your findings with us.

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Thank you!

can you please also check, if the Enpass Icon in the menu bar (Mac and 4K Monitor) looks weired?

If I am working on the Mac Display (MacBook Air M1), the Enpass icon looks ok, but at the same time, the Icon at the 4K Monitor Looks not ok!



4K Monitor:


Please check the screenshots and see the Enpass icon... 

Can you also create a Ticket for that and fix it? All systems and Enpass versions are on the latest version.

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