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Connection Error with Opera and Mac


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I get  Enpass Connection error advising to enable browser extension in preferences. I followed the instruction and Enpass still won't work. Disabled/re-enabled the extension, reinstalled the extension, same problem. Enpass works fine on same PC with Safari. 


Version: 38.0.2220.31 - Opera is up to date
Update stream: Stable
System: Mac OS X 10.11.5 64-bit


Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.58.57 AM.png

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Hi @tb,

Its great to know that for the time being you are able to work with Opera extensions by turning off code signature. But we don’t recommended to use Enpass by disabling the code signature verification. As mentioned here under communication section, Enpass App validates authenticity of both extension and Browser before making any connection and serving data for autofilling. So if you turn off the code signature verification, you can bypass the Browser checking and set your foot into autofilling in Opera Browser. 

To avoid any security risks associated with turning off the code signature verification, please make sure that you download the browser from the legitimate source and double check the authenticity of any extension you install.

As soon as we find any solution, we will update you and would be very grateful to you in helping us by checking the suggested solution as till now you’re the only user facing this issue.


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Hi @gbt,

Sorry to hear that. To investigate it further, please run the following command in terminal and share the output via email at support@enpass.io mentioning a link to this discussion and we will take it further.

  • lsof -i:10391

Where 10391 is the port number.

If there is no output (blank), please try with other port numbers between 10391 to 10395. Also please let me know are you facing the same problem with other browsers ( Chrome/ Safari/ Firefox) too. 


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